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Diet Analysis Based on Scale Results

With Diet AI’s cutting-edge technology, we interpret scale readings much like a nutritionist. This innovative approach provides insights into potential health issues based on your weight metrics. Dive deep into the power of AI and make intelligent decisions for a healthier you.

Smart Nutrition. Intelligent Choices. Dive into Diet AI.

Personalized Meal Plans Just for You

At Nutrition AI, we understand that everyone’s dietary needs are unique. Using advanced algorithms, we craft personalized meal plans tailored to your specific health conditions, food preferences, and other factors. Not only do we guide you on what to eat, but we also provide insights on how to follow the regimen and the optimal duration to achieve desired results.

AI-Powered Diet Analysis & Personalized Meal Plans – Smart Nutrition for Intelligent Choices.

Graphic representation of AI-driven nutrition analysis and tailored meal planning by Nutrition Diet AI.


Emirhan Bulut, CEO of PIYA, posing for a professional headshot.

Emirhan BULUT, CEO of PIYA – The Architect Behind Diet AI

The visionary force driving our AI-powered technology. Emirhan’s expertise in artificial intelligence and software systems has transformed the landscape of nutrition analysis.

Dietician Ayşenur Yaylı, in a professional pose.

Dietician Ayşenur Yaylı – Dietetics Advisor for Nutrition AI

Ayşenur has played a pivotal role in shaping our AI by providing invaluable insights from the world of dietetics. Her guidance ensures our technology is both advanced and attuned to the intricacies of human nutrition.

ashkan forouzani DPEPYPBZpB8 unsplash 2

Dr. Walter Moore, Ph.D. – Expert in AI-Powered Nutrition Analysis

Instrumental in marrying nutrition science with AI. Dr. Moore’s deep-rooted knowledge in dietary research, coupled with a passion for technology, has revolutionized personalized diet planning.

AI-enhanced diet consultation graphic for Nutrition Diet AI platform.


Experience AI-Driven Dieting

Curious about how AI can reshape your dieting experience? Schedule a consultation with us today. Discover the transformative power of AI-driven nutrition and embark on a journey towards smarter, healthier choices.

No matter where you’re located, Nutrition Diet AI is available to guide you. Our global platform is designed to cater to diverse dietary needs across the world. Get personalized recommendations, backed by cutting-edge AI, right at your fingertips.